The international economic growth we have seen over the past years has shown momentum, holding the promise of more investments and improved living standards across most of our countries. But there are gapes, including high demand for the investment capital for new and running businesses. In the face of these challenges, my communication to the clients has been and still, is the time to fix the roof is when the sun is shining. The window of opportunity is currently open all with well written business plan and accompanied by financial discipline. To keep momentum going, private sector need to tame financial and fiscal risks by enhancing financial skills and rebuilding internal management policies in private sector—and also need to make progress on the capacity building to develop a competitive business plan that will strengthen the trust for financiers or other international lender to accept the private sector projects in the future.

This faltering trust has many dimensions: the lingering effects of the global financial crisis, a perception that the rewards of economic growth and globalization are not being shared fairly, anxiety about the future of investment and economic opportunity, and weak private sector frameworks that too often facilitate inadequate and financial gapes across to the developing world.

As we face these unreliable financial challenges, I am convinced that the non-conventional financing model of our partners will be centered on the financial needs across our economies to easy services for better today and tomorrow. Therefore Let us renew our commitment, improve our financial knowledge and skills to be able to compete on the global financial market.

African Investment Holdings (G) Ltd
Purpose Network
CEO / Chairman
African Investment Holdings Group

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