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Director of Administration and Finance for the African Youth Commission. Global Climate Change Ambassador of the World YMCA

Cedric Dzelu

Experience & Activities

Cedric Dzelu is a Global Climate Change Ambassador of the World YMCA, the oldest and largest NGO in the world in the business of empowering the youth by providing young people with space and giving them the voice to enable them to transform their communities.

He is currently the Director of Administration and Finance for the African Youth Commission which is a network of young people focused on working to achieve the Africa We Want, Agenda 2063.  The focal person for Africa on a five-year climate change advocacy project funded by the Netherlands government. He is also serving as a Board Member of the Ghana Tennis Federation and the Executive Director of Hope Performance Tennis Inc, a sports foundation based in the United States having operations in Ghana with the mandate of empowering young people through the game of Tennis

Cedric Dzelu now walks in the footsteps of Max Thabiso Edkins as a World Bank Climate Change Ambassador with the ambitious task of providing leadership to young people and governments to confront their roles in addressing the climate crisis.

With over 11+ years of experience, his expertise meets perfectly at the intersection of Climate Change Advocacy, communication, community development, marketing, finance, writing, community service and volunteering. This coupled with other work experiences has afforded him the opportunity to learn, lead, manage resources and plan finances such that project objectives are met.

Cedric holds an MSc in Development Finance from the University of Ghana and a BSc in Marketing from the Ghana Institute of Management and Public Administration, (GIMPA).

Cedric is a trailblazer in youth leadership, climate change advocacy, sports administration, youth justice, youth empowerment, safe space, volunteerism and gender inequality. His service and achievement are evidence and examples for many to follow.

Cedric’s star shines on activities that seek to inspire positivity among young people to be drivers of change in their community. Cedric is an all-too-rare figure in today’s world where the quest for young people to be in the driver’s seat continues to be an increasing echo to many.

Cedric has carved for himself an imperishable niche as a grass root mobiliser and implementer who is able to cascade outcomes of high-level conferences to have meaningful impacts on ordinary people in their communities.