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Bachelor of Social Sciences. Founder of UTANDO Climate Governance, Diplomacy and Negotiations Leadership Fellow (AGNES),

Babalwa Mni

Experience & Activities

Babalwa is a youth energy enthusiast, her curiosity for problem solving and unquestioned policy have lead her to step outside of her comfort zone. She has developed her curiosity through engaging in approaches regarding sustainability, the circular economy, energy systems and climate change mitigation strategies that affect Africa and the world at large. With Pursuing a Bachelor of Social Sciences, the lens of power relations, has contributed to her Vision of redefining systems of development. As a Climate Governance, Diplomacy and Negotiations leadership Fellow (AGNES), she envisions an Africa, that is empowered, revolutionised and filled with Authentic, African relevant Innovations. In the past She has collaborated with Like minded Youth to create youth centred programmes. “I believe the Youth to be Essential mobilizers of change!”. As the Founder of UTANDO, Babalwa, grows a research ecosystem that aims to bridge the gap between energy security and food security using waste management.