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Degree on environmental planning and management

Ann Kirori

Experience & Activities

Ann is young and ambitious female with great interest in nature and biodiversity conservation. She has a degree on environmental planning and management and soon enrolling in a Masters’ program to study Environmental Law and Governance. She has over 13 years’ experience in project planning, implementation and delivery. She also has experience in child safeguarding and protection. 4 out of the 13 years were spent implementing children protection projects in the urban informal settlements of Kenya, Somalia and Ethiopia. She has fundraised for climate adaptation projects in Ethiopia and Somalia and oversaw the successful completion of the projects. Ann also engages in consultancy on part time basis.

She is an alumnus of the ‘USA Department of State, Bureau of Education and Cultural affairs exchange program where she participated in the ‘On Demand Youth Leadership Program – climate change and energy as an adult mentor for young people. Legacy International administers the program. ODYLP is a three-week U.S.-based exchange focused on climate change initiatives.

In her free time Ann enjoys to be indoors. She also enjoys to travel and interact with different cultures.