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PhD Student in Doctoral program Habitat (WASCAL/CC-HH) at the University of Minna, (Nigeria).


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Adjowa Yéwa TOSSOUKPE is a PhD Student in Doctoral program in Climate Change and Human Habitat (WASCAL/CC-HH) at the University of Minna, (Nigeria). She holds a bachelor degree in Plant Biology and Physiology and Master in Plant Biodiversity and tropical ecosystems from the laboratory of Botany and plant ecology at the university of Lomé (Togo). Her research interests include environment security, climate change, agroforestry, urban ecosystem services, GIS and Remote Sensing, natural resource management, policies evaluation and urban sustainability. During her Master’s studies, her research focused on the impacts of Loranthaceae on agrosystems in the forest zone of Togo. She became then familiar with the importance of integrating the socioeconomic scale of natural resources, the preservation of biodiversity and the conservation of the environment. This led her to pursue a PhD in Climate Change and Human Habitat. As PhD candidate, she is currently working on the relationship between urban land expansion and ecosystem services production using GIS and Remote Sensing in West African metropolitan areas. Her research could help to incorporate ecosystem services into explicit policy targets thus becoming effective tool for informing decisions about the use and management of world’s resources thus contributing to environmental security in the context of climate change.

In addition to her academic pursuits, she taught life and earth sciences and physics at senior high school for 4 years in Lomé (Togo).  Also, passionate about football, she is football referee since 2014.