The joint institution of higher learning, Polytechnic University of Africa and Community Integrated Polytechnic Collage (PUA-CIPC) is a Rwandese recognized Company registered under Registration No 104594714 (CIPC) & 1045544290 (PUA) in RDB, is committed to provide students with the opportunity to acquiring the practical knowledge and technical skills they need to contribute to and benefit from the Rwandan renaissance and enable rural communities emerge from poverty. A “learner centered” approach will foster “learning by doing”.
Field work will engage students in real world activities and develop their hands-on skills. Short courses, certificate, diploma and higher diploma and degree programs will be offered to respond to specific local, national and regional development needs. Academic learning, research and development will be to international standards of education.

To support its ability to fulfil this commitment, the institution will establish collaborations with universities, polytechnics and technical institutions of renown and standing in the region and further afield. PUA-CIPC’s mission includes preparing informed and productive Rwandan citizens, able to take their place in the world. In these complex and turbulent times, our intention is for our students to be exemplars and leaders in their chosen fields of endeavor, artisan or professional, industrial or welfare, profit making or charitable, public or private to build up the economic and social structures of RwandaAll our Programs are application orientated to make them relevant to agriculture, agribusiness, rural industries and the socio-economic environment in general, to give our students the best possible prospects to create or find employment on successful completion of their studies. Practical programs in Crop Science, Animal Production and Health, Agricultural Engineering and Mechanization, Soil and Water Management, Rural Development and Agroforestry will be the principal focus, coupled with a range of subjects to support family and community development and the rural economy. The focus on agriculture, industry and needs of rural communities is intended to meet the needs of the whole community inclusively and be gender balanced.
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