Company background CD-Investment Africa Ltd is a Rwandese recognized Company registered under Registration No 103603267 in RDB. The Company has been initiated with an aim to invest profitably, constructively and sustainably in Africa and beyond. Such investment is needed in the region to stimulate economic development and enable the realization of national objectives and individual dreams. The Company is also needed to sustain the growth and development the Community Integrated Polytechnic Collage (CIPC) and Polytechnic University of Africa Ltd were established with an aim of promoting education in Rwanda, Africa and beyond in general, with which CD-Investment Africa Ltd is created as implementing arm to run the different businesses lines. The relatively undeveloped situation in this part of Africa creates both opportunities and risks. The role of CD Investment Africa Ltd will be to manage those risks and enable the opportunities to be brought to fruition. These two companies are managed independently but work under the umbrella Holding named African Investment Holding Ltd also registered under RDB. CD-Investment Africa Ltd is community developer that offers integrated and holistic services in Real estate development, retail, Agriculture (agro-processing firm), Comprehensive property services Development, Healthcare, Rural Industries, Urban Services, Travel and Tourism, Lending and Credit Provision. CD-Investment Africa Ltd aims to enrich lives by creating and managing places for people to live, work, shop and play. Through our subsidiaries we deliver end-to-end real estate management solutions, including sales, leasing, facilities management and security. In the future, CD-Investment Africa Ltd will continue to support the growth of East Africa Community and Africa as whole with vibrant communities and destinations. We are also committed to raising the benchmark for environmental standards and reducing our carbon footprint. We will continue to innovate and improve in our goal of delivering most reliable, high quality real estate and other services.

Objectives of the company

CD Investment Africa Ltd intends to develop three infrastructure projects over the next 10 years,

    • Infrastructure/property development project ;
    • Construction of houses for small and middle income earners (Real Estate Development);
    • Agro-business;
    • Industrial development;
    • Import of High Technology Products and Knowhow;
    • Export of agricultural products;
    • Travel, Tourism and leisure;


The mission of CD-Investment Africa Ltd is to foster interlinked businesses with an aim of providing valued service to Africa and beyond.


To become a leading, exemplary and Values in Multiservice company worldwide.

  • Integrity
  • Determination
  • Gentleness
  • Diversity
  • Expansion
Phone Number +250788351250
Email Address
Office Address KN 3 RD
P.o.Box 2155, Kigali-Rwanda
Skype: etshamakokera
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