Rwandan specialty Arabica coffee

AIH COFFEE R HOUSE LTD is a Rwandan specialty Arabica coffee dealer, processing and export company. We produce and sell 100% Bourbon specialty coffee with cupping scores over 87.We work with 10,000 coffee farmers to grow, buy, process and export high quality coffee from across Rwanda. We produce fully washed, honey, natural and anaerobic coffees.
Our vision is to be a leading Rwandan coffee producer by providing the highest quality specialty coffee. We aim to meet international standards while increasing income for local Rwandan & Regional farmers.

AIH COFFEE R HOUSE LTD is a subsidiary of African Investment Holdings Ltd and founded in 2019, with supporting farmers to produce quality Coffee for both local & International market.
We operate in three different regions of Rwanda, each with different altitudes, climate, soil and rainfall. The composition and variety of our coffees is rich and complex.

The majority of its coffee is grown by some 400,000 small-scale farmers and their families, most of whom own less than quarter a hectare of land each (total area under production hovers at 42,000 hectares). Almost all of Rwanda’s coffee is Arabica, and 95% is one of several long-established Bourbon varieties.

The Coffee Shop has therefore adopted a name that is unique “AIH Coffee R. House Ltd” and one
that is catching in order to attract many customers.
In most developing countries, coffee production provides an important option for income
generation for resource poor households and is thus essential in socio-economic development of
these countries.
Coffee export marketing in Rwanda over the years, traditional markets for Rwanda coffee brands
(Maraba coffee) include Germany, Belgium, USA, France, Great Britain and Switzerland. In terms
of marketing, the direct selling method is used and the bulk of the exported product is shipped
through Mombasa in Tanzania.

  • To be the leading coffee shop in Kigali and beyond
  • To offer high quality coffee at fair and affordable prices
  • To maximize the value of the shareholder’s wealth Mission statement
  • To be a leading coffee house in the Eastern Africa Region and beyond
"Quality begins with the farmer, and we can only deliver high quality coffee when they do their job well. Our farmers must be able to..."
"Looking after the environment means tackling #poverty and growing sustainable livelihoods. To do this we look after our coffee farmers and..."
We are a Rwandan coffee processing and export company - sharing our 100% Arabica Bourbon (cupping at 87) with the world.
Her name is Nyirakanani Gloriose, from Rwamiko village,She is very passionate in natural coffee processing.
Phone Number +250788351250
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Office Address KN 3 RD
P.o.Box 2155, Kigali-Rwanda
Skype: etshamakokera
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