AID Initiative for Humanity (AIH) Foundation is an initiative of African Investment Holdings founded on 25th /05/2017 with company code: 107189092. It’s locally owned and operating in Kigali and one of the Rwandese success story! Key subsidiary company in education including Community Integrated Polytechnic Collage (CIPC) in Kayonza District, Eastern province, Republic of Rwanda. The AID Initiative for Humanity (AIH) Foundation is a response to the global demand to sustainable developments (SDGS) to help address the global challenges facing most vulnerable communities in African and beyond.

Problem statement
The 21st century is facing unprecedented challenges of inequality, unemployment, illiteracy, injustices,
social economic exclusion to be people out of reach.
A multiplicity of diseases, natural and man made disasters ranging from our geo physical realities, a very
harsh past and the moral laxity that has bred generations to remain trapped in poverty amid a global
conviction that all people must live an equitable, just and health lives. The sub Saharan Africa and Rwanda in particular have made tremendous strides in promoting the equality, justice , unlocking opportunities for the most vulnerable which AID Initiative for Humanity
(AIH) Foundation – is summoning all its energies and face this glaring reality in the face through learning
intent of SDGS: Live no one behind as a perquisite to realizing a just, fair and sustainable society in which
everyone enjoys the right to dignified life and freedom from poverty and social justice.

AIH Foundation has a vision of a just, fair and sustainable society in which everyone enjoys the right to dignified life and freedom from poverty and social justice.

Our mission is to achieve equality, social justice and eradicate poverty by working with and supporting people in conditions of poverty and exclusion, their communities, associations, social grouping and their beneficiaries.

The objective of the Foundation is:
a) Fundraise, support charities or organizations to prevent and relief poverty;
b) Support community welfare and empowerment programs;
c) Provide emergence relief ;
d) Provide education sponsorship.

Your donation can bring hope for a better future for children, their families and their entire community.
One day we hope to end the cycle of poverty around the world. We believe that education is the tool that gives us the best chance to end this fight.
Over the past 7 years, we have been designing and developing programs that ensure that children and
youth are given an equal chance to access quality education. Your donation can help us provide every
girl and boy the opportunity to achieve their full potential, enabling them to look forward to a brighter and promising future. So thank you for your support, generosity and willingness to join hands with AIH Foundation.
Giving: €10, €30, €100…../ 1 child /month. You are Giving a child a Future:-

  • No Hungry Children
  • Education for Children
  • Health for Children
  • Decent Shelter for Children
  • Access for Clean Water

Your Help Makes Difference & Donate
Please note your payment is secure and your information will not be shared and misused.

Phone Number +250788351250
Email Address
Office Address KN 3 RD
P.o.Box 2155, Kigali-Rwanda
Skype: etshamakokera
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